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How To Choose The Right Children’s Party Venue in Brighton

Location, location, location. An ideal location doesn’t just apply to property purchasing, it’s essential for choosing the right party venue as well. As a party planner, you want everything to go smoothly on the day of the big event, and most of the time, it all depends on where and who you choose for your kids Brighton party venue in such a busy town with so many choices.

Choosing the right party venue for your children’s birthday can be a bit tricky especially with all the available options. But with this easy guide on making the right choice when it comes to party venues, the selection process becomes simple!

  1. Size matters – How many children and parents are you expecting? Will there be props and extra décor or furniture around the place? It’s important to consider just how much room you’ll be needing at your venue. You don’t want your guest sto have to constantly bump into each other the whole time. Ensure your guests’ comfort by renting out a reasonable enough space to make room for those activities and decorations, not to mention storage of buggies, prams, toys, presents and all the other paraphernalia that comes with such a party. That’s not to say, however, that bigger is always better. Getting too big a space could cause your party to look a little drab. Consider your size needs, and get a space that’s just right for your event.
  2. Atmosphere – The atmosphere some venues provide might not fit the general theme of your party. If you’re hosting a tea party with food for your guests, then a cabana style pool deck might not be the best choice for you. Party venues need to stick to the general style of your event, so try to pick out a venue that doesn’t stray too far from the look you’re going for.
  3. Location – Always remember – your guests don’t all live in the same house! The people who are going to attend your party are coming from different places, and it’s essential to make your venue accessible to them. Choose a location that sits midway between all your party goers so you won’t have to worry about absentees. A Beautiful location with parking and a secluded setting on Brighton’s Saltdean Beach would be ideal. This also has good parking which is essential and very importantly it is easy to find!
  4. Venue packages – Some venue hires will offer all inclusive deals so you can save on the extra spending and running around. Examples might include chairs,, tables, dishes, food, and drinks. Offers like this could save you from a world of trouble like finding waiting staff, DJ’s and PA companies. Take a peek at what a venue might have to offer and find out if these are things you can take advantage of to save some time and money, let alone stress. So be sure to check what other facilities the venue has to offer.

If you’re still having trouble choosing the right venue, then look no further. Finding the best children’s party venue hire Brighton has to offer is made so much easier with White Cliffs Café so check out our website for more information.

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