Tuesday , April 24 2018
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If you shudder at the thought of keeping a room full of small children entertained without any additional help, you might want to consider hiring an entertainer for your party.

A children’s party is often an occasion of extreme excitement, and not having a clear focus for all of that excess energy can be a recipe for disaster.

Entertainers who are used to working with children are able to remain calm and unruffled even when faced with the most unpredictable of situations, and have an innate knack for making the little ones happy.

There’s lots of different types of entertainers you could pick for your party; here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Face painting

This is a great form of entertainment as it won’t get the children too worked up and even involves them sitting still for short periods of time!

A face painter is popular with both boys and girls, and with the option to pick what they want to be decorated as, the children can express their individuality too. Pirates, princesses and animals are all common requests; some face painters have a book that children can choose their design from.

Face painter entertainers often include other extras such as nail varnishes or temporary tattoos, so that the young party-goers can leave with a whole host of adornments which thankfully will come off in the wash!


Although it might seem rather uninventive, hiring a clown for your child’s birthday party might just surprise you.

Modern clowns do far more than trip over their own oversized shoes, and twist a few balloon animals into shape, they also offer children the chance to learn new skills.

Although clowns inevitably are silly and designed to make youngsters giggle, they can also provide the opportunity to have a go at activities such as juggling, plate spinning or even trapeze walking (close to the ground of course).

These new activities are great to keep the children entertained, and will last far longer than simply sitting to watch a show.

And of course, a clown wouldn’t be a clown if there weren’t balloons, some crazy games and a few prizes too!


If your child has a favorite TV character, imagine their delight if they attended their party! Whether it’s Mickey Mouse or Peppa Pig, a mascot party means a very special guest of honour.

Perfect for sparking the children’s imagination and lighting up their eyes with wonder, a mascot is a great way of making a party particularly memorable for all concerned. Attendance is typically between 30-60 minutes, and the mascot will pose for pictures, chat to the youngsters and usually hand out a few prizes too.

Singing entertainers

Most children love music from a very young age, so no matter how old your children are, a singing entertainer is often a big hit.

Singing nursery rhymes and coming equipped with their own sound system, younger children will enjoy the musical experience, joining in with their favorite tunes. Slightly older children will enjoy music suited to them too, and all will have the chance to join in movement games with the props that the entertainer brings along.

Music is a great way to get everyone involved, even the shyer children and with non-competitive party games, there’s no chance of it ending in tears!

Lots of choice

There are many different types of children’s entertainers suitable for parties, but the type you choose will depend on the kind of activities your child enjoys and also the age range of the guests. More traditional children’s entertainers such as magicians remain as popular as ever too, and modern shows often involve far more than a few simple card tricks.