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Fun Kid’s Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Kid’s love birthday parties, but making sure there are enough activities to keep them occupied can be quite the chore. When you have a dozen kids running around your house and backyard, keeping them from destroying everything you won while also making it a fun experience can be a difficult line to walk. However, by stocking up on plenty of fun birthday party favors, your party will be a hit!

The key thing to remember when you’re choosing your birthday party favors is that you want them to keep the kids as occupied as possible. Choosing lame items will lead to the kids losing interest almost immediately, and then you’re stuck moving onto the next set of favors prematurely. If you keep the entertainment of the kids at heart when making your selections, you can supply hours of enjoyment without having to beat yourself up too much in the process. Here are a few fun birthday party favors for kids that will keep everyone captivated all day long.

Silly String

Silly string is a whole lot of fun no matter what age you are, but kids seem to like this fun favor the best. All you need to do is buy a few cans of silly string, hand them out to the kids, and send them in the backyard for some fun. Sure, you’ll have silly string all over your backyard for a few days, but it will disintegrate the very first time it rains and it won’t damage anything in your yard. Plus, it will keep them busy for quite a while without the need of close supervision.


Bubbles are another fun birthday party favor that can really eat up a lot of time. A single jug of bubble juice can last several hours, so as long as the kids are content blowing bubbles they will have plenty of resources on hand. The only downside to handing out bubbles is that they are really only popular among younger kids, so if your party is for older children then they may not be the right choice for you.


Though you’ll need to provide a lot of close supervision, this one will make you the coolest parents on the block! If you’re planning a birthday party for older kids, consider handing out sparklers at some point during the day for them to enjoy. If you don’t think the kids are old enough to responsibly handle sparklers, you can also place them in the birthday cake instead of or in addition to candles. Make sure you clear it with the other parents first because you don’t want anyone to get angry about letting their kids handle sparklers without them there to supervise.


Last, but certainly not least, you have the all-time favorite birthday party favor; the piñata. No matter how young or old your kids are, everyone loves the fun that a piñata brings to a birthday party. Younger kids love to gather the candy and trinkets that spew from it once it’s been busted open, and the older kids like getting blindfolded and hitting it with a large stick. No matter what age of kids you’re throwing a birthday party for, a piñata always a fantastic party favor choice.

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