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Invitations at Internet Speed – How Online Invitations Work Their Magic!

Remember the days when sending out invitations to a party or event was almost as time-consuming as organizing the event itself? First, you had to select a design from a range of options presented to you in an album. Then, came the task of placing an order for the number of cards you wanted, and wait for the card to be printed. Finally, when the invitations arrived you had to label them or painstakingly handwrite the guest’s address on each envelope before mailing them or getting them delivered by courier.

Of course, there was the option of picking up readymade invitations from a store, but with the lack of choice in terms of designs, especially for special occasions, this really was a last resort! Fortunately, with the Internet becoming an intrinsic part of our daily lives, the process of sending invitations has also changed dramatically. Nowadays, online invitations can literally be sent at Internet speed. Check out www.grouptable.com/invitations.

Pick a design (Approximate time – 20 minutes)

You can browse through a website with online invitations, filter your search for a particular type of party or celebration (For example, 25th anniversary or kids’ birthday party), and then select the invitation that best suits your theme or style. Choose from a wide range of suitable themes and designs for adults and kids, including sophisticated cocktail party invitations and cute kids’ pool parties.

Customize the invitation (Approximate time – 5 minutes)

Once you have selected an invitation for your party, customize it to include details of the venue, time, dress code and any other details about the celebration. Some templates even let you play around with the color scheme to suit your theme.

Add addresses (Approximate time – 10 minutes)

You are all set to send out the invitations, but first you need to add the recipients. Instead of keying in or manually copying and pasting every address, you can import them from your existing address book on popular email service providers. Just click the list of addresses to import, and they are transferred to the ‘recipients’ field.

Send invitations (Approximate time – 10 seconds)

Now you are ready to send out the invitations. All you have to do is click ‘send’ and wait for a few seconds for the confirmation message. That’s it! Your invitations will be delivered to your guests’ inboxes.

Sending invitations has never been easier! No longer do you have to let the thought of the long drawn process of choosing and mailing invitations hamper your enthusiasm for organizing a party. Save time and the environment by going green and switching to online invitations. You will never look back!

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