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Kids Party Ideas – Best Birthday Party Themes

Nearly every children’s birthday party needs a good theme, but which one to choose? As a general rule it is best to stick with the classic themes for your kid’s birthday as it will be easier in the long run to buy supplies that are in keeping with your theme. You can go a bit more obscure and choose something a little left-field, but bear in mind that you may struggle to keep the theme going if it’s too out there!

Probably the number one party theme for boys is pirates. There are an endless number of costumes, party décor and party treats that you can find with a pirate themed party. What young boy doesn’t want to search for buried treasure or walk the plank? The pirate theme will also give you many ideas on games to play while they’re at the party, in fact two of them are mentioned above!

Number two theme for a boy’s party is dinosaurs, every young boy loves to be a dinosaur explorer and go into the jungle wilderness in search of that illusive T-Rex. There are many dinosaur themed party decorations and costumes to go with this idea, so you can’t go wrong with a prehistoric themed kids’ party!

If you’re looking to theme a girl’s birthday party, you are spoilt for choice, but probably one of the most popular themes for a little girl’s party is the fairy themed party. Fairies are mystical and magical and really go well the birthday party vibe. You can buy fairy wings and wands for all your little guests and they will be over the moon with delight!

The second most popular theme for a girl’s birthday party is the Princess themed party. You can really let your imagination go on this one. Enchanted castles, wicked witches, a handsome Prince Charming and the occasional frog can all become part of the magical birthday event for your little girl. Themed party décor and accessories are also aplenty with princess costumes, golden jewellery and diamond studded tiaras.

There are literally hundreds of great children’s party themes out there, we have listed 4 of the top themes for kids’ parties above, but there are many more to be discovered. No matter which theme you choose for your child, let them enjoy the day and let their imaginations run wild!

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