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Kids Party Ideas – What makes a great party bag?

The ideas for an amazing kids’ party bag is often overlooked when planning and organising a party for your child. The party bag is the last thing that gets handed out at the end of an eventful day and can create a lasting impression in the child’s mind as they journey home after a fun-packed party day.

Probably one of the simplest items to include in your party bag is a selection of sweets. All kids love sweets and adding a few to your party bag can give them a little treat after all the excitement is over. You can add little hard boiled sweets or chocolates, it really doesn’t matter, just make sure they’re sweets that kids love!

Another item that is always a winner is a novelty eraser (or rubber), these can come in so many shapes and sizes and often you can choose a smelly one that might smell of apples or bubble gum. Favourite choices for novelty erasers are cartoon characters, pieces of fruit, cars, teddy bears and dolls. The choice is endless and it’s something that is useful too when they are back at school.

Depending on the age of the children, Lego Mini Figures are also a good choice to include, they are relatively cheap and all children love Lego. Just make sure that the children are old enough to play with Lego and won’t do anything silly with the ultra-small parts!

Classic party bag fare can also include, party poppers (again depending on the child’s age), whistles, whoopee cushions, novelty pencils, novelty pens, streamers, bouncy balls, mini bat n’ balls, squidgy monsters, rubber insects and bugs, slime eggs, silly putty and the classic bubble mixture bottle. You can even go a little more original and include a packet of seeds that the child can plant in their garden and have a lasting memory long after the party has ended.

Whatever you choose for your kids’ party bags, make sure it’s safe, entertaining and might actually be useful to the child in the future, rather than just a throw-away gift.

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