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Kids Party Ideas – Where to have the party?

OK, so you’ve decided on the theme for your party, you’ve bought all the paper plates, the sausage rolls, party bags and made sure all the invites have been written, but now you need to decide where to host this amazing children’s birthday party.

The first choice and often the least expensive if you are planning a kids’ birthday party on a budget is to host the party at your home. This has pros and cons, the biggest positive is that it won’t cost you much, if anything at all, to prep your house for when the army of screaming kids arrive. The cons to hosting a children’s party at your own home are the mess it might create, do you have enough space, and are there any chances of an accident happening while these precious children are in your home?

The second choice is to hire a venue of some kind, a local sports centre, a village hall or a venue that accepts children’s parties as part of their regular business. This can be more expensive that hosting a party at your home, but does provide benefits: these venues will often have trained staff, insurance against any accidents, activities that are suited to children and food available sometime as part of your package and sometimes at an extra charge once you are there.

The third choice is to book a restaurant or child friendly bar or pub that caters for the darling little ones. This has advantages as they will all be fed and watered and if you choose a good kiddy-friendly restaurant they will sometimes have an area for children to play outside. This does have drawbacks though if the venue only supplies food, it may be that after they have eaten you will have to find them another activity to do so they can burn off all that energy!

There are many other choices on children’s party venues, a local cinema trip, theme park day out, nature trek are all good options. Ultimately no matter what you decide, make sure the kids have fund and are safe while they are doing it!

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