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Liven up Your Kid’s Party: 5 Great Themes for Kids Parties

Kid’s parties can be amazing fun for everyone, including parents. However, whilst you could opt to host a generic birthday party, why not liven up the event with a specific theme or genre? There are a whole range of ideas for you to explore, and with the huge number of options, you can be sure that there’s the perfect theme, based on your son/daughter’s personal preferences. The following are just a few ideas for you to consider, but the list of possible themes extends into the 100s and 1000s.


Whilst perhaps not the most common party theme, movie based parties are some of the most fun to organise and host. People may come dressed as they please, whether that be based on their favourite movie character or, in general, fancy clothing for a red carpet appearance. Movie based parties allow for some of your own creative input too. You could decide to have plates, cups and decorations with Hollywood stars on them, or you could place posters of various movies/characters around the room, along with a red carpet leading from the door to the main party room. These decorations do not need to be extravagant, but make for a lot of fun for both you and the kids. The best parties for kids tend to be those that allow for their own creative effort, and something that is out of the ordinary. Movie parties allow and provide for both.

Ben 10.

For some time now, Ben 10 has been growing in popularity, and hence, progressively more kids are eager to have their own Ben 10 themed parties. Ben 10 is a kid’s show on Cartoon Network and various other T.V channels, which has gained a lot of attention and popularity amongst both young boys and girls. If your child is interested in having their own Ben 10 party, you’ll be pleased to know that a Ben 10 themed party is fairly easy to organise and host. A few themed decorations such as posters, plastic plates, cups and balloons will do the trick and are easy to pick up from countless shops and online stores. If you want to go the extra mile, you could dress up yourself, as one of the various ‘aliens’ that Ben can transform into, which will involve a costume and/or some skilled face painting.

Adventure Time.

Another largely popular T.V show, which proves to be a highly successful party theme, is Adventure Time. “Adventure Time” is a T.V show about Jake (the yellow dog) and Finn (the human) and the incredible adventures that they go on together. As a parent, you may see Adventure Time as incredibly ‘bizarre’, ‘odd’ and other terms fitting for a show that is based on talking animals, princesses with magical powers and other weird and wonderful things. Although, kids absolutely love this show for its quirkiness and other attributes, making it a great theme for your kid’s party.

Hosting and organising an Adventure Time themed party is fairly simple. As with a Ben 10 party, the basic requirements are themed decorations, cups, plates, posters etc. Since there are a whole variety of Adventure Time characters, there is room for some creativity in terms of costumes and decorations. Some of the kids could decide to turn up as the princesses, whilst others could be Finn, Jake or even the Ice King.


Kids love the idea of being their favourite superheroes, and superhero parties allow for their inner hero to shine through. As with movie themed parties, due to the large number of superheroes, there are plenty of options for people to choose from. It is likely, that depending on their age group, kids will stick to a select number of heroes, however, that by no means will hinder their creative fire, nor their overall enjoyment of the party. In terms of decorations and other amenities, you could decide to purchase a mixture of Marvel and D.C based posters, tablecloths, balloons and plates/cups, and even choose to dress up as your favourite superhero too. Of course, you should always ask your son/daughter about their favourite superheroes, to get an idea for how to theme the party. Since people will need to purchase costumes, it is important for you to notify those who are attending in advance, so that they are not put under time-pressure to purchase or create a costume.

Hello Kitty.

It should go without saying that a “Hello Kitty” themed party is intended primarily for girls and generally, not for boys. The colour scheme is mainly pink, purple and white, which are generally considered to be ‘girly’ colours. The great thing about Hello Kitty is that many companies supply decorations, cakes and other products based on Hello Kitty, making the process of organising the party as simple as purchasing the decorations, setting them up and letting people know to come in their favourite pink, purple and white clothes. Something else that you could consider for a Hello Kitty party are the options for party games. For instance, you could make some parcels, with miniature Hello Kitty products and toys within each layer, and then a main prize in the centre. Or, you could have Hello Kitty seat covers on a number of spare chairs and play musical chairs. The options are endless.

A final note.

As you can see, there are a whole range of different themes to choose and organise for your kid’s party. It is important to consider, however, that each child is different and whilst a large proportion of kids do love Ben 10, your child may hate Ben 10 and will not thank you for basing their whole party around it. Hence, you should speak to them first and before you start organising their themed party. On a similar note, it is important to listen to your child’s opinions on having a themed party over a bowling party, skating party or various other activities. It is normal for some kids to want to spend their parties being predominantly active, whilst others couldn’t wish for anything other than dressing up as their favourite character or superhero.

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