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The Perfect Guide to Putting Together Happening Parties

If you’re looking for some cool tricks and tips to lighten up your party to the maximum, keep reading this article. But why are parties so special and why do people invest so much time, effort and money into organizing such events?

It’s all about the energy and vibe that emanates not just from the party but also the efforts that go into setting one up.

There are several things that can influence the fun and excitement at a party, including the people, scale of the event, and weather. In case an outdoor party has been subjected to extremely fun-loving people and good weather, the possibilities of the party extending well into late evening are quite high.

But as aforementioned, people and weather can only give the right start to a party.


It’s important to have the right people on-board for the party. Boring and introverted people are likely to stay quiet in a corner and perhaps also attract other people toward themselves, hampering the whole celebration in the process.

People who are more fun to hang out with can turn a boring party into a happening event. They may even make the introverts shake a leg or two, provided the extrovert crowd outnumbers the introvert gang.


Technology can also help lend some fun and excitement to your party. A good sound system, for instance, can do the trick. In case the party is held on a large scale, getting a PA system or DJ into the mix would be ideal. A DJ won’t just take control of the sound department but also ensure the right music is played all through the night.

And you can also have a large screen in the background of events, displaying pictures and videos of your happy past – such as your wedding – or clips that kindle up memories belonging to your loved ones.

Some of the other pieces of tech you could do with are bubble or smoke machines, or laser. These items may seem trivial in the larger picture and only youngsters may relate to it. But once they’re there, you’ll realize how much you would have missed them if they weren’t there. For example, smoke machines can give an instant edge to any party.


Chocolate chips and some dips don’t make the day even for kids anymore. So you can forget these with adults for sure. Foods that are rich in sugar may initially give the energy for some hard partying, but the energy derived won’t be sufficient enough to sustain things. People could bottom out and even sleep at times within some minutes. One way of getting around this is to keep feasting on the high-sugar items and replenishing the energy tank time and again, but there certainly are better ways to keep the energy levels high.

Generally, options relating to lower GI carb are ideal for any party since they lend much more energy to the folks. In case you’re budget isn’t the most generous, you may always find out what the freezer section of the supermarket has to offer. But if you do not want to disappoint people with the food, getting a catering company on-board is the only sensible choice. With catering, you have the option to pick from a great array of foods. And the best part is you can have an assortment of customized food within your budget.

Or you could always choose a Melbourne catering company, we used one in Australia which were excellent and so they are a great choice if you are in that region.


If a DJ or PA just doesn’t cut it for you, then an entertainment group such as a music band would be your next option. There are many upcoming bands and they don’t charge exorbitant rates for their services. And since these bands will bring along more than just a couple of sound and gear equipment, you won’t feel having missed out on a PA system or DJ. Another great thing about bands is that they would have a person anchoring the show and organizing the musical aspect of the party fairly well.

If there’s no alcohol, there is no party. If a lot of people are expected to get drunk at the event, hiring a firm that caters mobile drinks is highly recommended. They’ll do the serving part and also keep a check on how much people drink, so that there are no overdrunk cases.

If you’re particularly worried about some people getting too drunk and spoiling the fun for others, don’t invite them to the party at all. But since leaving out people is the meanest thing (in the particular guest’s eyes) you could do, a drink caterer should be a much better resort.


The party place can be decorated in multiple ways. For example, you could have streamers thrown around, a particular colour theme for the venue, or balloons all across the place. Anything you choose should help add that little bit of zing and fun to the party.

Balloons are not given the respect they deserve, especially with people poking at them or kicking them around the place just for fun or after multiple rounds of heavy boozing.

There are several ways for decorating your party place – you just need some bit of creativity and a trip down to your local store for all the essential supplies.


The mood of any party is often set by the lights. In most cases, especially when the party is expected to be subtle, candles serve the purpose best. However, candles won’t be practical at all if there’s too much drinking happening in the party venue. And since most parties have their share of trouble-makers, a candle is just not the right option if your party comprises a lot of booze. Moreover, you’ll need way too many candles to decently light up a large space. LED lighting, in such cases, is the way to go. If you still like the candle idea, some tea candles, sand, multiple brown paper bags can be assembled together to make inexpensive mini lanterns.

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